Noah’s Story

For almost twenty years, Noah woke up every day wanting to go out into the world and make new friends. He met a lot of people, and Noah made many friends. Noah liked nothing better than playing, any game or sport or activity, with friends.

Remember how much Noah loved fun with friends while viewing his      photo album

As the Endeavor Recreation program grew, Noah made more friends and buddies. He discovered more games and activities. For almost ten years, Noah loved playing baseball, soccer, basketball, and kickball, and bowling and swimming, with his Endeavor friends and buddies.

Noah Paint Remember Noah’s love of painting by     watching him paint    and viewing the Noah’s Endeavor     art gallery.

Noah Adam Voelker, July 11, 1989 – February 2, 2009

Noah loved to paint, and he liked painting even better when he was with his Endeavor friends and buddies.

Every day of Noah’s life, he inspired us to find new games he could play, new ways to play, new places to play, and new friends that he could play with. He continues to inspire us. So we keep looking for new games and ways and places to play.
In 2009, Endeavor Adapted & Inclusive Recreation was renamed “Noah’s Endeavor.
We invite EVERYONE to come and play with us!
Noah wouldn’t want anyone to be left out.

Remembering Noah PowerPoint

Remember that EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to participate and be included!

Make the least dangerous assumption.

Noahs Endeavor Inc